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Lumbini Petition


Among the revered places in Buddhism is the Lumbini area of Nepal, birthplace of the Buddha. In 1978, the United Nations and the government of Nepal approved a master plan intended to develop this area and preserve it as a place for pilgrimage and tourism. Centering on a project called the Lumbini gardens, the master plan area is currently home to between 40 and 45 international Buddhist monasteries. lumbini image

According to the rules established by the Lumbini Development Trust, in keeping with the teachings of the Buddha, there is to be no consumption of meat products inside the premises of the master plan area. Nevertheless, despite the teachings and the rules, the majority of monasteries continue to include meat in their meals.

There is currently a petition on a website called Care2 “to strictly enforce the rules and regulations of the LDT and further restore Lumbini as a ‘no-meat and peace zone’.” We at DVA encourage you to sign this petition to support the Buddha’s teachings on non-harming and compassion.

For more information on Lumbini, visit the Lumbini Development Trust. You can also read more about this issue in an article in the Nepalese digital newsletter Sepotati.


Animals and the Buddha

A film by Dharma Voices for Animals
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Animals and the Buddha

Featuring interviews with world-renowned monastics and lay teachers including Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Jetsuma (Ven. Master) Tenzin Palmo, Ven. Bhante Gunaratana (Bhante G), Christopher Titmuss, Ven. Geshe Phelgye, teachers from Spirit Rock Meditation Center and many others.

In addition to watching the film on YouTube, it can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in screening the film for your sangha or local community, please see our information sheet.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

In keeping with Buddhist tradition, Animals and the Buddha is presented at no charge.  If you are able to help support Dharma Voices for Animals and the important work we do on behalf of animals, your donation  is greatly appreciated.  Donations are tax-deductible



Dharma Voices for Animals (DVA) is an organization of those committed both to practicing the teachings of the Buddha (the Dharma) and to speaking out when animal suffering is supported by the actions of those in Dharma communities and by the policies of Dharma centers. We want to be the voice of the animals who cannot speak our language and are unable to ask, “Why are you paying people to do this to me?” or “Why are you supporting my suffering?” We want to support those who are willing to speak out about the harm we cause other sentient beings when we eat them, use their body parts as clothing and in other ways, or use household and personal hygiene products that are tested on animals. While DVA recognizes the challenges of living in a complex, modern society, we wish to promote the choices that provide the greatest reduction of animal suffering. It is our intention to be inclusive in honoring the different views of those who sincerely intend to minimize the suffering of animals.

Dzogchen Master and DVA member and contributor, Chatral Rinpoche:

“If you take meat, it goes against the vows one takes in
seeking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Because when you take meat you have to take a being’s
life. So I gave it up.”

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DVA admitted as Regional Centre to the WFB!! Read the exciting details of the WFB conference held recently in China:World Fellowship of Buddhists to Decide Whether to Give a Voice to Animals 

DVA welcomes our new member and contributor, Chatral Rinpoche, widely regarded as one of the most highly realized Dzogchen Masters.  Rinpoche is a vocal opponent of meat eating.  For details on this remarkable being, visit our Chatral Rinpoche section.


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How to discuss animals and the Dharma issues with your Sangha.

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Video Highlight

We highly recommend this video to gain a deeper understanding of the suffering of animals. This video contains graphic content.

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